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Some of my recommendations these ones are from my linkedin profile..

* Rank for 1000's of search terms very fast regardless if you run a plumbing business or sell your own brand of makeup.  

* Fast results SEO takes months and you will rank for a handful of keywords at best, with my system you can see results as fast as this evening!  

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1. Wow, Google must hate this will my site or the videos get taken down?  

Nope, Google LOVES to rank it's own property's (it makes money from it :) I have had video projects up for 4 years with no issues.  

2. I don't have a video  

Not a problem I have a team that makes good quality videos please ask if you wish to see some.  

3. How fast will I get some page one rankings?  

If you DON'T have a video it will take 2-3 days for that to be made, after I have the video content you can expect to see some rankings within 24 hours and within 1 week you will be the leader in your area then after a month.. well it will be total takeover...  

4. This must cost a lot? The costs are low and on rolling monthly bases, I know it's about ROI if you're making money from this I know I can count on your payment every month. The bottom line is i will rank you for every keyword i can and make sure you make a solid ROI.  

5. How can you do this? I am a software developer at heart and I spent 2 years finding out what google loves and wants to see, I then made a tool to do most of the heavy lifting.  

6. Ok great, i have questions and want to move forward.  

Fill out the form below I will make sure my system is a perfect fit if so then I will reach out to you and we can go from there.